Interview with Kelly Goetsch, President of the MACH Alliance.

von Florian Treiß am 10.November 2021 in Interviews, News, Shoptech

commercetools and other vendors launched the MACH Alliance in Summer 2020, a group of independent, future-thinking tech companies dedicated to advocating for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems. We talked to Kelly Goetsch, co-founder and President of the MACH Alliance and CPO of commercetools, about the initiative and its goals.

Location Insider: 2020, the MACH Alliance was formed. What are the goals of the MACH Alliance and how do you get there?

Kelly Goetsch: MACH is an acronym for the four pilars of modern commerce architecture: Microservices, API first, Cloud native multi-tenant SaaS and ­Headless. The goal of the Alliance is to evangelize enterprises on the MACH approach and make it the default standard for building enterprise customer experience applications, specifically commerce. We believe that’s the best approach, and through the advocacy of the MACH Alliance, and that includes webinars, speaking, the ambassador program and case studies, it includes getting expert speakers, it is our goal to make MACH the default standard out there.

Location Insider: What kind of company size should you have to use the MACH approach?

Kelly Goetsch: I would say, if it’s more than 25 million Euro in a year in GMV (gross merchandise value) online, then that’s kind of the cutoff where it starts to make sense to look at that. Or to put it in people perspective, you should have a 15 person IT department focusing on digital commerce.

Location Insider: So using the MACH approach is mostly interesting for companies global players, or is it still a thing what could be interesting for a company which is only focused to one market, like Germany?

Kelly Goetsch: I would have to say it’s an enterprise of some sort, where there’s some complexity, where there’s a certain number of people in the IT department. It might be multi-brand, it might be multi-region, it might be multi-country, multiple business models, but there must be some form of complexity there, that makes, that justifies it. If you’re doing a billion dollars a year online, then it obviously makes sense to do commercetools or a MACH based approach.

Location Insider: What are your plans for the future of the MACH Alliance?

Kelly Goetsch: Well, it’s continuing doing what we’re doing because it’s working. We’re gaining mind share, we’re gaining recognition by the analysts like Forrester and Gartner. And we’re also gaining in terms of the size of the companies joining, a lot of these are bigger companies that are now joining us. There are big publicly traded companies now that are joining us. So it’s to continue to do more of what we’re doing. We’re well on our way to MACH becoming the standard. When it is the standard, I would like to change the focus of the MACH Alliance to be more of a networking opportunity for vendors, more of a thought leadership group. Right now we’re advocating for something new, but when that something new becomes the standard, then we’ll change the focus of the MACH Alliance a little bit.


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